Empower your IT teams with DataExplorer

DataExplorer is a cutting-edge data visualisation platform which helps enterprises to consume and distribute strategic business information.
We provide extensions to enterprise applications, enhancing reports and data visualisation capabilities.
We currently offer modules for :

- Active Directory

- Office 365

- Hyper-V

- System Center Service Manager

- System Center Configuration Manager

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How does it work

DataExplorer extends the reporting capabilities of applications and displays it in a easy to use Dashboard format. We provide lots of out-of-the-box pre-configured dashboards that are very easy to customize. Use DataExplorer Designer to create and modify views. Convert a bar graph into a pie chart , apply filters and modify the scope of the data with just a few clicks.

Once done, export the Dashboard and import it on DataExplorer viewer, where you can configure how often the dashboards change and how often the data refreshes. Share it it your teams and done!

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